Who are you?

What do you call yourself? A Mother, father, brother, sister,carpenter, teacher, doctor, friend?

What do you like to do? What would you do even if you never made a dime?

This is “Part II” of finding our purpose. The first part I
shared about the importance of praying for “wisdom to find our purpose, to act on our purpose and to bless others with our purpose.” That in essence was what Benjamin Franklin prayed everyday for 50 years. (See the prayer in the book,“How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling.” His life is an example of someone who had purpose and blessed the world with his purpose.

Today, I want to share something that is very practical and
really helped me. When I found out that we “ACT” on what we are passionate about and that the passion was put there by God, it changed the way I prayed and acted. I also found out that if I would “commit my works to the Lord, that He would ESTABLISH my thoughts” (see Proverbs 16:3),

This was a major breakthrough in my life. Why? Because up until then I was looking on the OUTSIDE or waiting to HEAR God’s voice saying, “This is what you’re suppose to do Linda ! “But, when I found out that the passion I already felt inside for people was from Him—I had something to ACT on. I also started to COMMIT DAILY my works to Him and He said He would ESTABLISH MY THOUGHTS!

This is really an amazing promise if we just ponder it for
awhile. God, the Creator of the Universe said He would
ESTABLISH OUR THOUGHTS and all we would have to do it to COMMIT our WORKS to Him! I get excited by this because I know that God can THINK and ACT BIG. Do you think maybe if He has anything to do with what we think…it might be big??

Look inside and ask yourself, “What am I passionate about?”
Maybe you don’t have a passion. I would challenge you that you “DO have a passion.” It may be hidden by old programs and thoughts of worthlessness and doubt.

How can you find your passion? Here’s a great place to start:

Ask yourself, “If I could do anything, be anything, have
anything—what would it look like?”

The key is to ALLOW yourself to dream. Close your eyes and start to SEE yourself flying that airplane, starting that
business, helping the homeless—something you may never
before believed you could do. See yourself reaching that goal,winning that game, helping those people, speaking to millions, whatever….don’t limit yourself!

Why is this so important to do? Well, I believe that God has created us in His image and His likeness. Jesus said, “All things are possible to them that believe.” The Apostle Paul said that God could do “Exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all we can ASK OR THINK”. (Read the Gospels and the book of Ephesians).

How big can you think? How big can you dream? I believe the Lord is looking for people who can think and dream big!
Why? Because He said we are His Body! We are His
mouthpiece in the Earth. We are His arms, His hands and His feet. He has chosen us to be His body! He has chosen to work through us.

The biggest issue that we each face is the LIE that we can’t do it. Or that we are not worthy, or too dumb, short, fat, ugly,young, old, etc., to do what we would dare to dream

If we realize that EVERYONE is facing this SAME ISSUE—then this lie will not have power over our life. I challenge you to ACCEPT your GREATNESS! Yes, I said, “ACCEPT your GREATNESS!” I believe God, our Father wants you and I to succeed! Why? Because He, more than we, wants to BLESS the world through you and I!.


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